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Welcome to our web site. My name is Steven Richcreek and I am responsible for the content on this web site and the operation of Sea to Surface Products, the small company behind ScubaSight located in Florida's Heartland. I stand behind all of the items featured in our online store and am ready to help with questions about products, your order, shipping and scuba diving. Please see my contact info at the bottom of this page.

Who am I?

Steven Richcreek - Founder & President - Sea to Surface Products I am a certified toolmaker and for 35 years developed my skills in the manufacturing industry creating efficient production and inspection systems for a wide array of products. Tools make our life easier and simpler in industry, our everyday life and our recreational activities including diving. For ScubaSight, I produce effective tools and systems for divers that increase comfort, perception and safety.Steven Richcreek shooting SplitSight video of a turtle and himself in the Mexican Carribean.I specialize in using efficient production and inspection methods combined with low overhead costs to offer high quality dive tools directly to the diver at a reasonable price.

I am also a scuba diver who has had the good fortune to have trained with some of the best instructors in the world. I have certifications with YMCA,PADI,NAUI,TDI and NACD for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air Diver, Decompression Techniques, Technical EANx Diver, Helitrox Diver, Cavern Diving and Advanced Trimix Diver and I have logged many dives in all the Great Lakes, rivers including the St. Lawrence, quarries, springs, caves, cenotes, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans.

How did ScubaSight come about?

First, there was the Dive Mirror. The idea of diving with a mirror was inspired by a single life threatening event and many inconveniences. I originally designed it to help us as divers do two things. The first - calmly disentangle or unhook ourselves especially when caught from behind - is a safety issue. The second - keep track of your dive buddy when they are a little bit behind or above without constantly shifting and turning in the water - results in being calmer and more comfortable underwater which translates into relaxed breathing, less air consumption and more safety. The Dive Mirror helps compensate for the limited vision caused by our mask and equipment and allows us as buddies more freedom and even the ability to dive a slightly different profile while still keeping an eye on each other. Divers from around the world have discovered that the mirror can be used for many other things as well. Please use the link to see how they are using the mirror for safety, comfort and fun underwater. Most of our sales come from the referrals of these Dive Mirror users. Try it and discover the advantages for yourself.

Other Products

We have expanded our product line to include high quality underwater video components made especially for your GoPro® Camera and Housings.

The SplitSight™ Video System combines with a single Gopro® camera to make a dual view video. This means that you can shoot video in two different directions at one time.What makes this so great for you while shooting underwater video is that you can capture the image of yourself diving and show the action around you while it's happening. It gets even better when more divers are involved because the resulting video shows all of the interaction happening between you and your buddies on your dive.

The ScubaSight® Camera Mount uses bungee mounts and rides on the back of your hand to shoot video while leaving your hands free to do underwater tasks. All GoPro® Housings attach directly to this rugged mount to hold your housing firmly and safely in place.


Please contact me personally if I can help in any way or email us via our contact form.

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